Geico Auto Insurance Review

Lillian Goodwin and Leo established the Geico auto insurance company in Texas in 1936. The Geico is short for “Government Employees Insurance Cooperation” as it was created initially to provide reduced auto insurance rates to military and federal employees. Geico has now become the second-largest insurance provider company in the U.S. operating in all fifty states including the provision of auto insurance in Troy, Michigan. In this article, we will review Geico and compare car insurance policy of Geico with Allstate Auto Insurance and take a look at the car insurance comparison quote.

Review Criteria

The review was created with the help of a survey asking consumers about their car insurance companies and then drawing comparisons based on the factual data and survey answers. The main questions included asking about claim response of their car insurance company, value, customer service, and auto insurance quotes.

Geico Review

Based on the data collection and survey responses, Geico provides excellent customer service to its consumers and high value. It is easy to file a claim with Geico, and they follow up with rapid responses. Concerning car insurance costs, Geico provides much cheaper rates than competitor auto insurance companies; however, USAA still tops the list with the most economical prices.

The average annual car insurance rate of Geico is $1,168, which is less than companies such as Allstate, Travelers, and State Farm. Moreover, if we consider the national average car insurance rate Geico provides depending on the drivers’ age, young driver profiles (25 years old) pay nearly $1250 to $1350 per anum to Geico. This rate is still $300 less than the average national young driver insurance rates. The amount further drops by $150 and another $70 for 35 years and 60 years old drivers, respectively. Geico also provides somewhat similar rates to the annual mileage of 6000 and 12000 miles as the difference between the rates of both is only $70. In this way, the drivers can save up to $200 as compared to the national average.

Geico Versus Allstate Auto Insurance

We compared car insurance policies and rates of Geico with Allstate Auto Insurance considering their varied rates for different demographics and poor credit driver profiles.

Allstate competes with Geico to provide excellent customer service and satisfactory handling of claims, but Allstate is more expensive than Geico. Where Geico provides an annual rate of car insurance to be $1,168, Allstate makes it $1,880, nearly $700 higher than Geico. We found Geico to be cheaper than Allstate across all demographics as well as with driver profiles of poor credit and DUI, where its rates increases than other profiles.

Pros and Cons of Geico Auto Insurance


  • It is easy to file a claim with Geico
  • Geico provides good value in exchange for money
  • Overall rates of Geico are cheaper
  • Satisfactory customer service


  • Representation of driver profile with DUI can be expensive 

Bottom Line

Overall, Geico is quite cheaper in terms of car insurance rates and provides high value and excellent customer service. Though representing a driver’s profile with DUI can get expensive, it is still less than Allstate and other top auto insurers.