Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Jack Green and Joseph Lewis were two lawyers who founded the Progressive auto insurance company in 1937. The company has a motive for introducing user-friendly and easy car insurance methods to its customers. Progressive now ranks among the major auto insurance companies in the U.S and offers insurance for multiple vehicles such as motorcycles, RVs and boats, etc. along with car insurance personal injury. 

In this article, we will review the Progressive auto insurance company’s performance on various fronts, including car insurance rates and customer service, and compare it with State Farm Auto Insurance. 

Review Criteria

Our review is based on the collection of factual data, careful analysis of insurance policies and services offered by Progressive auto insurance, and the survey results. We surveyed the customers of Progressive, asking about their overall experience on several measures and whether they would prefer to renew their policy with Progressive. 

Progressive Review

Based on our analysis and survey respondents’ answers, Progressive has an extremely consumer-friendly interface and keeps introducing discounts with various programs such as Snapshot. The company also has an excellent online presence to help customers reach the company efficiently. Besides the user-friendly image, Progressive is unable to provide complete customer satisfaction in filing and resolving a claim. Most of the respondents suggested that they are not likely to renew their policy with the company as they are not satisfied with their customer service. According to reports, Progressive provides less value for money to its customers as compared to other top insurers.  

The national average car insurance rate of Progressive is $1373, lower than the Automobile club inter-insurance. The rate offered by Progressive falls midway in the ranking of top national-level auto insurers in the U.S including auto-insurance Conroe, Texas, higher than USAA, Geico, etc. but lower than companies such as Allstate and Nationwide. The Progressive’s insurance rates differ depending on various factors, such as drivers’ profile and type of coverage. On average, young drivers (25 years old) will pay $1626 and $1669 if they are female and male, respectively. The rates become less with the advancement in age being least ($1136) for 60 years old married female. The study of Progressive’s insurance rates for different annual mileage confirms that the drivers with more mileage do not pay significantly higher as the rate difference between 6000 and 12000 annual mileage is just $5.

Progressive Versus State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm performs better in filing claims and providing customer satisfaction. Still, Progressive takes the lead in the status update as they reach out to their consumers with a more user-friendly interface. Progressive has expensive car insurance rates than State Farm across all demographics, with an average rate difference of $139. However, progressive provides lower rates ($437 less) than State Farm for the poor credit driver profiles. 

Pros and Cons of Progressive


  • Consumer-Friendly approach 
  • Availability of Discounts 
  • Low rates for poor credit profiles


  • Dissatisfying customer service 
  • A low value for money 

Bottom Line

Though Progressive uses a consumer-friendly approach, it fails to provide excellent customer service. The insurance rates of Progressive lies midway in the list cheapest auto insurance companies but has quite low rates for poor credit driver profiles.