USAA Auto Insurance Review

The USAA is short for the name “United Services Automobile Association.” USAA has the policy of considering its customers as the “members” of the company and maintains strict insurance and qualification procedures as a member. USAA has been a top insurance provider including the best learner driver insurance and has $29 billion net worth. With more than 11.9 million members, USAA offers its services to individuals with a military connection.

In this article, we will review USAA insurance policies, USAA insurance quotes for young drivers, and compare the auto insurance policies of USAA with Geico.

Review Criteria

The review was curated through a survey of about 288 USAA members who filed a claim with the company. We asked the respondents about the whole experience of filing a claim with USAA, their insurance policies, and how satisfied they found themselves from USAA services on a five-point rating scale. To make the review more genuine, we asked individuals to add further comments or provide additional information about their responses.

USAA Review

Based on data collection reports, USAA performs exceptionally well on all the measures. We found that USAA is efficient in the claims process, provides excellent customer service, replies fast to queries and, provides excellent value for money. Moreover, the customers are satisfied with the overall performance of the company and are likely to renew their policy with USAA.

USAA also represents cars with the cheapest insurance rates to its members. USAA’s national average auto insurance rate is $885, which is less than all the other national insurance companies in the U.S,

including Allstate, State Farm, and Travellers. According to the insurance policies of USAA, the 25-year-old driver’s profile has to pay the highest premium both for males and females whereas, and a male has to pay $56 higher than a female. However, the rates go down with the increase in drivers’ age, and females have to pay slightly higher here. Considering the average representative rate of USAA, it is concluded that mileage does not have a considerable impact on it, whereas credit score does. The difference in insurance rates of 6,000 and 12,000 miles is only $56, while the rate doubles in case of one DUI than with the clean record.

USAA Versus Geico Auto Insurance

Though Geico provides excellent customer service and rapid claims process, USAA takes the lead with ease of claim filing. More people are likely to renew USAA policies as compared to Geico. USAA also has a significant advantage over Geico in terms of providing the cheapest car insurance rates. However, when we analyze both companies’ rates in case of a single DUI, USAA is much more expensive.

Pros and Cons of USAA


  • Cheapest car insurance rates
  • Excellent customer service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ease of filing a claim


  • Strict requirements for qualification
  • Past or current military connection is necessary to avail the services

Bottom Line

Overall, USAA provides the cheapest car insurance rates and excellent customer service, along with a straightforward claim filing process. However, it isn’t easy to get a membership for USAA, and the rates are very high in the case of a DUI.